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Private Lessons


1. All customers must have a current account and membership with Old Pueblo in order to do private lessons. Please go to the customer portal to create your account if you are new. If you are a returning customer and donʼt know your login, use your email address and click on "forgot password" if you are returning and donʼt know your login. Additionally, the membership fee (either the individual or family rate) must be paid and is not refundable      


2. A private lesson request must be filled out online and submitted to request a private lesson.

3. We will contact our coaches and an available coach will directly contact the family to schedule a lesson.

4. Lessons must be pre-paid. Payment can be made at the front desk upon arrival, a check may be sent or several lessons may be paid in advance.

5. All private lessons are scheduled directly between the family and the coach. Any cancellations or changes are made directly between the family and the coach.

6. Cancellations for any reason by either party should be made in timely manner through direct communication between the coach and family.  No shows and last minute cancellations (less than 3 hours of notice) can result in the family not being allowed to do a private lesson at our gym.

7. Parents are not allowed to coach their kids or be on the floor during private lessons.

Private Lesson Time Availability

Girl on gymnastics class


*Highly experienced and master coaches may have a pricing schedule that is slightly higher than the prices listed below.

ADA Pricing!

Adaptive Private Lessons with our occupational therapist or adaptive-trained coaches are available.  Pricing for lessons with our occupational therapist are slightly higher - please contact the front office for current rates.

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