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Randy Sooter
Boys Recreational & Developmental
Gymnastics Program Director



All of our boys recreational and developmental gymnastics classes follow a progressive lesson plan developed by our Owner, Randy Sooter, and are influenced by the USA Gymnastics leveling system.

Leaping Lizards Recreational Classes

Boys Beginning Leaping Lizards
Age Groups: 5-6, 6-8, 9+
During this stage of development, it is important to keep kids involved in physical fitness. The Beginning Leaping Lizards classes teach kids the importance of physical fitness through gymnastics. Boys are challenged to learn specific gymnastics skills that are conducted on all of the Olympic events. Progress is monitored through a star chart and a written evaluation form is completed by coaches during week six during Sessions 3 and 6. Advancement to the Intermediate Level is based on meeting 80% of the skills required for their level and coach’s recommendation.


boys Intermediate Leaping Lizards
Age Groups: 6-10+
During these classes children continue developing their strength and flexibility and are gradually challenged to complete more complex gymnastics skills. Upon 80% mastery of the intermediate level skills, kids are ready to move up to a Level 3 (advanced) class.


Developmental Classes

(Enrollment per Program Director recommendation only)

Level 3
Age Group: 6+
Level 3 is another advanced level developmental class which prepares kids for Team. Level 3 kids work on short gymnastics routines on the Olympic apparatuses in addition to the strength and flexibility training. Level 3 class requires a minimum of 1.5 hours of training per week.

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