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About Us
Old Pueblo Gymnastics Academy is a kids gymnastics facility located in Tucson Arizona. We have developed entertaining and stimulating programs for girls and boys of all levels and abilities. At Old Pueblo Gymnastics Academy you will enjoy our brand new air conditioned facility and state-of-the-art gymnastics equipment as well as safety, cleanliness and peace of mind.

Our Philosophy

With our busy lifestyles sometimes we forget the importance of educating our children about the fun and rewards of physical activity. Developing an enjoyment of physical activity at a young age instills life-long values, builds confidence and increases feelings of self-worth. Old Pueblo Gymnastics Academy provides a nurturing environment to aid in developing these values and believes all children were created to move, stretch, tumble and smile.

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage children to move, stretch, tumble and smile while exploring their never ending potential in a safe and fun environment.

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