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Our Facility

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7670 E Wrightstown Rd,
Tucson, AZ 85715

OPGA Goes Solar!

Have you noticed the solar panels our roof?

Technicians for Sustainability (TFS) recently installed 160 solar panels on the roof and three inverters in the storage area. Here are a few factoids about this solar project:

  • Approximately 90% of our energy use will be supplied by the solar panels.

  • We are producing an average of 5,272 Kilowatt Hours per month.

  • The size of our system is 38.4 Kilowatts.

  • We will be offsetting 142,872 lbs. of CO2 per year.

  • 2,687 gallons of water per month will be preserved due to TEP not having to generate electricity for our use!

solar pane
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