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Why Parkour?

Imagine being able to move over obstacles swiftly, efficiently and safely. With the right lessons, and a safe environment you can learn how to do so in our Parkour classes.  Our Parkour classes can teach you ways to move efficiently using running, rolling, climbing, jumping and vaulting.​

What We Teach

Using our state of the art gym we have developed a safe environment for kids and adults to learn Parkour.  Our focus will be on building strength, flexibility and agility so students are able to efficiently move through over obstacles. Using a curriculum developed by the World Freerunning and Parkour Federation, our certified staff will teach the fundamentals as well as more advanced movements.


Details and Schedule


All classes are co-ed and are subdivided into two levels:  Level 1 and Level 2.  Kids must be recommended to be placed in a Level 2 class by a Parkour coach. You may schedule a trial class for Parkour if your child is unsure of whether or not he/she would enjoy it, or to be evaluated for level. Please contact the front desk for trial class pricing and scheduling.

Kids MUST be six years old or older to participate in Parkour classes.  Classes for “Older” kids must meet the minimum age requirement for those classes, as they are based on both age and level.

 To view a current class schedule and prices, please visit our Class Schedule page.

What to Expect

Level 1 Parkour 

During the level 1 class students will learn the fundamentals of Parkour while working on all events, floor, wall, bars, trampoline and vault. Basic skills will be broken down and mastered before moving onto the more advanced level 2 classes.

Skills Taught:

Vault: Kong, Dash, Speed, Lazy, Theif and Reverse

Wall: Wall pop, Tic Tac, Climb up, Wall splat and Cat leap

Trampoline: Controlled jumps, seat drop, back drop, 360 degree turn

Floor: Shoulder roll, Drop rolls, Precision jumps, Stride jumps, Cartwheel and Round off

Bars: Upstart, Pull over, Lache

Level 2 Parkour

During the level 2 class students will learn more advanced skills using all five events. This class requires students to successfully pass the level 1 class.


Skills Taught:

Vault: Box roll, Roll pop, Kash, Kong precision, Dive Kong, Double Kong, Kong to cat, Front handspring

Floor: Strides on blocks, Plyos on blocks, Side flip, Front flip, Back flip

Trampoline: Backdrops 360 back drop, Turn table front drop, Front flip, Carsh dive, Crash dive 180 to back

Bars: 6’ Lache, Lache precision, Lache cat

Wall: Running cat to climb up, Tic Tac to precision, Wall spin, Wall flip

All instructors are certified under USA Parkour!

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