Trampoline and Tumbling

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Tucson Gymnastics TrampolineBeginning, Intermediate and Advanced Levels

Tumbling and Trampoline has been around since the early 1970’s.  It has always been competed at the World Level, but as recent as the 2012 Olympics Trampoline is now an Olympic event.  Tumbling and Double Mini are still competed at the World Level.  Tumbling and trampoline is offered to both girls and boys, ages 6 and above. This class focuses on skills that involve the rod floor, trampoline, double mini and tumble track. The main difference between T &T and gymnastics is that it does not involve skills that use apparatus such as the bars, beam, rings or pommel horse.

Old Pueblo Gymnastics Academy is the only facility in Southern Arizona to feature tumbling and trampoline classes. If your child is flipping, jumping and tumbling around the house this class is for you. Our state of the art facility is the safest in Tucson using a rod floor, in ground and above ground trampolines, double mini trampoline and a tumble track all surrounded by protective padding and pits.

We follow the USA Gymnastics JO program and progressions to ensure your child is learning all the correct skills and progression in a safe and fun environment.

Kids who are interested in learning tumbling as it relates specifically to cheer are encouraged to enroll in our Cheer Tumbling program. Also see our Tumbling Skills Clinic webpage for information about our drop in skills clinic on Saturdays.

The following recreational and developmental T and T classes are offered at Old Pueblo Gymnastics Academy:

  • Beginning Trampoline and  Tumbling
  • Intermediate Trampoline and Tumbling
  • Advanced Trampoline and Tumbling
  • JumpStart (coach recommendation only)
  • Trampoline and Tumbling Preteam (coach recommendation only)
  • Trampline and Tumbling Team (coach recommendation only) – See the T and T Team webpage for more info.

If you are interested in learning more about Trampoline and Tumbling you can also visit the USAG website.

If your child needs extra tumbling practice without the commitment of a weekly class, check out our Tumbling Skills Clinics.