Tucson TrapezeThe 3D Movement / Trapeze program provides a structured atmosphere and promotes body awareness. The class begins with stretching and warm-up, then moves to low trapeze to learn how to work with the bar. As students progress, they are taught basic single point trapeze, some low flying exchanges, 2 point trapeze, lyra (hoop) and cord’lisse (circus rope). The children’s class also includes some basic gymnastics.

Classes are held Sunday mornings at 9:45.
Private lessons and group events are also available.

Questions? Please contact the instructor, Stormy, directly at: 325-5720

About the instructor
Stormy Hudleson is the instructor of the 3D Movement Class. She has trained with and performed with Gregangelo and Velocity Circus and the Chimera Circus. She currently teaches a variety of 3D fitness arts to a wide range of ages (nine to adult) and fitness levels (beginner to advanced athlete). Stormy also continues to train with Rachel Stegman of Gregangelo Velocity Circus and Circus School of Arizona.


Max is Stormy’s assistant during the trapeze class.  Watch his Rope Routine: