Preschool Gymnastics

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Tucson Gymnastics Toddler PreschoolOur preschool gymnastics classes are designed with the needs of the preschooler in mind. Classes use preschool-sized gymnastics equipment to teach gymnastics fundamentals and have a lower student to coach ratio. Classes are 45 minutes long and incorporate musical movement and small obstacles to stimulate the preschoolers’ enthusiasm for fitness.

Jumpin’ Jackrabbits

1.5 – 3 Years Old (Parent Participation)
The development of your child’s trust, basic motor development and social skills begins early in life. Our Jumping Jackrabbits classes are centered on developing the parent-tot bond while increasing toddlers’ socializing skills and group involvement. Using nurturing instruction, parents and toddlers are introduced creative ways to move in a stimulating environment. During class, parents stay with and support their child in all group activities. Parents are expected to stay with the group at all times for safety and liability reasons.
Movement to the next level up (Hoppin’ Horsies) requires toddlers to be able to stay with the group, follow instructions from the coach and be independent from his/her parent.

Hoppin’ Horsies

3-4 Years Old (Independent and Potty Trained Preschoolers)
Children in Hoppin’ Horsies participate in group activities without the help of their parents. New and exciting challenges are introduced using more specific gymnastics skills. Children begin to understand the excitement of group involvement and continue developing their gymnastics and social skills.

An Advanced Hoppin’ Horsies class is available for kids who are ready for more of a physical and mental challenge. The Advanced Hoppin’ Horsies class is one hour long and is only available per coach recommendation.


Information about preschool open play times can be found here.